Our center offers following therapies/activities/consulting services:


deep-healing, cervical, Shiatsu, classical, medical, sport, lymphatic drain (Vodder method, post traumatic,…), therapeutic plantar reflexology,…


With natural substances and frequency stimulation

corso prova deep body flow

Pilates and Physiotherapy
(indoor and outdoor)


Natural medicine, complementary and holistic therapies for children and teen-agers. Nutrition and parental role in several physiological and pathological moments in the kids’ life.


Quantum/vibrational, phytotherapy, flowertherapy, homeopathy, spagyria, aromatherapy, Schüssler’s salts, applied kinesiology, Touch for Health and other holistic complementary therapies

Ripristino e regolazione delle difese immunitarie e del sistema endocrino, ormonale

Physiological adjusting medicine, bio-integrated natural medicine, self-hemotherapy, microimmunetherapy


With plasma enriched in platelets

Medicina antalgica (del dolore)

Acupuncture, ozone, pulsology diagnosis, specific equipment


Pulsology diagnosis and acupuncture therapies


The Center proposes also workshops and seminars on various topics, as you can see on the website www.swiss-choice.com by selecting the corresponding section. In that same shop or at our venue you can also find some specific products selected and advised by our doctors and therapists.

Some examples of products:
(Mineralis and Aura Flora Lines (chromo-sonical products®) and other products.

To learn more or buy our products:

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