• Chromo-son therapy: to restore the balance of body, emotions and mind. Pubblicato in: News & Events - CHROMO-SON THERAPY (R): to restore the balance of body, emotions and mind. It is one of the quantum therapies and medicine, the so-called vibrational medicine 🌈🎵 (Chromo = color + Son = sound) When vibrations heal us and restore our balance, bringing back health and energy… ♥️🌞 In the coming weeks I will present you the results of medical research and studies published by doctors and researchers who intervened in several conferences I […]
  • Riapertura del centro post covid19 REOPENING MONDAY MAY 4 – how to recover, to love ourselves, and to love Pubblicato in: News & Events - COMPLETE REOPENING MONDAY MAY 4, 2020:  Ama-Ti Center resumes also therapies and visits for its customers and patients. The news dates for the yoga classes in small groups in the garden and of other courses will be updated in the coming weeks. AND HERE THERE IS THE ARTICLE  by Annalisa Bianchi Scacchi, managing director of Ama-Ti Center: “Coronavirus time. What should we do? How to recover, to love ourselves and […]
  • Centro Ama-Ti con logo e sito CORONAVIRUS TIME WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Pubblicato in: News & Events - Increasing our electromagnetic field, that is our vibrations. We explain how Human beings are constituted by three bodies: The physical body The emotional body The mental or spiritual body For believers it is all connected to our Creator, God: Source of life we come from and to which we return. True healing occurs when all 3 bodies are aligned and in harmony. For example, there can be no healing only […]
  • Let’s keep vital energy high Pubblicato in: News & Events - Dear clients, patients and friends, Let’s nurture positive thoughts and feelings!!! 💪🏻 It’s very important!!! Every day let’s sing, dance, play within the family, study, work from home, let’s do some exercise, eat healthy, praise God with our kids with joyful songs, hymns of peace… let’s ask for protection and support for those who work on the front-line and for service providers. Let’s keep energy high!!! 💪🏻💜🌷🙏 We don’t need […]
  • Dr. Nader Butto Pubblicato in: News & Events - Dr. Nader Butto: 97% of cases recover from Coronavirus. 👍🏻🙏 The current panic is not justifiable because the number of people affected is very low compared to other diseases. It is necessary to maintain high vitality in order to have a good state of well-being, to think in new terms. 💪 Eat healthy: fruits and vegetables. The psychological aspect is important Let’s remember that: “Love is the way” “from the […]
  • Courses and information evenings temporarily interrupted Pubblicato in: News & Events - Considering the situation, we temporarily interrupted courses and evenings until Mid-April (food class, yoga and posture class, foot analysis evening). We keep offering individual therapies until Tuesday also with therapies useful to increase the immune system in this difficult period, respecting the current precautionary measures. Please read the following posts and news. We are always available at the phone or by email. Meanwhile we point out the interesting course on […]
  • corsi di alimentazione Practical course of physiological nutrition Pubblicato in: News & Events - Practical course of physiological nutrition, on Sunday, 15.03.2020, 10:00-18:00 at Ama-Ti Center in Mendrisio with Vanita Monica Albergoni Expert in “healing and prevention with NUTRITION”: detox, mono-diet, alternate fasting, half-fasting as healing therapy. She organizes detox weekends, fasting and spa, remote detox,.. Registration possible until March 09, 2020. 210.- CHF per person including the lunch prepared together, the food used, didactical material, consultancy and teaching, the preparation the day before […]
  • sala conferenze ama-ti A WONDERFUL EVENING, MANY THANKS Pubblicato in: News & Events - A very successful free information evening yesterday on the topic of: healing and prevention by nutrition: detox, mono-diet, alternate fasting, half-fasting as healing therapy. Many thanks to the appreciated speaker Vanita Albergoni and to all enthusiastic attendees. I remind you that you find here below the list of all free information evenings and courses of the first semester. We stay at your disposal for further information! Annalisa Bianchi Scacchi, Managing Director […]
  • New yoga and posture courses for adults and children Pubblicato in: News & Events - On March 17 new courses of yoga and posture will start outdoor if it’s a nice weather (in the nice panoramic room of our Center when needed) mornings at 10:20 for adults and in the afternoon for children in two groups: at 16:00 for kids from 3 to 6 years old at 17:00 for kids from 6 to 10 years old You’ll find here the information: Yoga and posture courses […]
  • Events 2020 not to be missed Pubblicato in: News & Events - REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!! Please read here the program 2020 of our free information evenings and of our courses.

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