Classic/ healing massage

It relieves tensions and it helps get back into perfect physical condition. you will feel more vital and energetic! The therapeutic massage has a  Il massaggio terapeutico ha funzione: relaxing, contracture -relieving, circulatory, anti-inflammatory, it reduce Stress, it regulates the hormonal activity. Duration: 45 or 60 minutes

The classical massage is suitable to anybody wanting to gain strength knew, to improve physical condition, to relax the mind or simply to relax. It increases the awareness of all body parts and it develops an increased energetical balance. The relationship with other people and with the environment is improved and the internal wellbeing reflects also externally. In some cases it triggers a self-healing process.


  • Relaxing
  • Contracture -relieving
  • Circulatory
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces Stress
  • Regulate the hormonal activity

Some contraindications: skin distasse, inflammations, feverish conditions, infections, cancers, Parkinson disease, kidney stones, pregnancy or immediately before o after childbirth.

In order to benefit for massage therapies it is advised to organize them in synergy with adequate physical movement.

Therapeutic foot reflexology

Holistic therapy for the counterbalance of the entire body in order to stimulate its ability of self-healing.
Duration: 45 or 60 minutes

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is a technique by which it restores the energetic balance of the body, by using a particular kind of massage which it stimulates and compresses specific reflected points. These points are energetically related to organs and systems, by allowing to take preemptive action and healing action on possible imbalances of the organism.

The goal is to help the body to find an optimal balance by stimulating the energetic channels and millions of nerve endings within the foot.

The reflexology massage stimulates the energy circulation by provoking a general revitalization and by determining a natural process of self-healing (like acupuncture) and it is an optimal help to:

  • To restore the psycho-physical harmony of the body
  • To relax and counterbalance the nervous system
  • To eliminate toxins in order to improve the skin condition and muscle tone
  • To improve blood circulation and oxygenation by facilitating breathing
  • To stimulate the immune system of the body

Foot reflexology is mainly recommended for:

  • Joint pain (arthralgia) and joint diseases (arteriopathies)
  • Digestive diseases (dyspepsia), menstrual diseases, mood disorders, stress, asthenia, insomnia, migraine, allergies
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Foot reflexology has many fields of action and it is recommended for adults and children for any kind of trouble. In order to benefit properly from foot reflexology, it is recommended to plan a cycle of sessions (10-12 sessions).

It is necessary to undergo frequent sessions (about 2-3 a week) which will reduce gradually until 2 a month.

Classic lymphatic drain

It is a manual technique that falls within the sphere of therapeutic massage by working on lymphatic vessels to remove edema and swelling. It helps women to fight against skin imperfections caused by cellulitis.
Duration 60 minutes.

Lymphatic drain helps metabolism to work properly and it avoids swellings in the legs, glutes and abdomen.


  • It fights cellulitis
  • It improves lymphatic circulation
  • It exesfoliates and regenerates the skin
  • It prevents liquid stagnation
  • It reduces swelling due to liquid retention
  • It reduces edema in pregnancy
  • It reduces post-op and post-traumatic edema
  • It treats constipation

A further benefit of lymphatic drain is the immune system: massaging the lymph nodes and moving the lymph stirs the production and circulation of antibodies. It stirs also the cicatrization process.

Some contraindications: acute inflammation, tuberculosis and cancer, renal or hepatic impairment.

In order to benefit from lymphatic drain it is advised to organize a cycle of massages (from 10-12). It is necessary in the beginning to start with a high frequency (2-3 times a week), which reduce gradually until twice a month.

Lymphatic drain Vodder method

Lymphatic drain is a particular kind of massage, applied on the areas of the body in which the lymphatic circle is too much reduced. This massage favors the drainage of lymphatic fluids from tissues: the manual mechanic action is applied on areas concerning the lymphatic system, in order to favor the drainage of stagnating body fluids. It has a drain and antiedema effect on the organism, it favors circulation and the lymph production, it has a relaxing action and a sedative, calming, effect, diuretic, healing effect and a benefit on defense and immune systems.

Indications: lymphedemas, phlebolymphedemas, lypolymphedemas, edema due to pregnancy, pre-menstrual edema, post-op and post-traumatic edema, bruises, scars, orthostatic and rheumatic edema, stress

Some contraindications: acute inflammations, malignant tumors, heart failure, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, acute allergies, acute eczema, contact allergies, intoxications

Post traumatic lymphatic drain

Description coming up

Deep-healing massages 

It’s a local therapeutic technique which it releases its benefit on the muscle groups, that is on the muscle groups covered by a protective sheaths. Every structure is covered by a muscle group tissue. The deep-healing massage of muscle group is very important because it acts upon keeping the proper muscle, articular and nervous functioning.

Cervical massage

Description coming up soon

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a manual technique born from oriental tradition. It uses the manual pressure in specific points and areas of the body by using the thumb, the palm of the hand, the elbows or the knees. The operator doesn’t exert force, but the body weight on the area to be treated. Together with pressure stretching are also used for some body parts. The ultimate goal of shiatsu is to counterbalance the internal energy by favoring the release of tension which could have negative effects on the body and the psyche in order to regain a psycho-physical balance. Shiatsu massage, if it is provided by a professional operator, it doesn’t have any contraindication except those canonical of treatment massage.

Massotherapy or therapeutic massage

It presents many applications for rehabilitative, sport, vascular, aesthetic medicine and reumathology.
It aims at regaining the balance and benefits from a pathology, a functional damage or a disease on the level of skeletal muscle, connective tissue, blood vessels or malfunction of internal organs.

Some contraindications: Infections, feverish conditions, skin, heart, vascular, neurological diseases, fractures, muscle injuries

Payment, invoicing and reimbursement from Supplementary Health care (cassa malati complementare)

The patient can ask for the reinbursement through his/her Cassa Malati, for some of the therapies received, only if he/she owns a contract where it is specified as included “Supplementary insurance in  alternative medicine”.
Note: we advice to contact in Advance one’s own Cassa malati to be informe about the reimbursement right, possible relief, the acknowledgement of the therapist, of the therapy and further conditions.


the customer pays every time after having received the service. By the end of every month an invoice will be emitted which can be handed in to the insurance for the direct reimbursement, according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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